Why You Should Use Macaranta.com For E-Learning.



As you already know,macaranta.com is a website for E-Learning targeting the Nigerian blogosphere and beyond.Below is some of the reasons why you should use our E-Learning platform for all your learning needs.

Reasons include,

  1. Interactive learning:Our website functionalities allow instructors and students to effectively learn and monetize knowledge.Instructors don’t just create courses and disappear as with the help of course groups,forums and message instructor button,the student can always contact instructors for clarifications on areas the don’t understand.
  2. Teach anything:If you consider your knowledge valuable enough to want to share it to Nigerians then our website is perfect for you.Teaching a course requires text,videos files,audio and other forms of attachments.You have all this instructor tools available to the instructor for course creation and sales.
  3. Self paced learning:We understand time constraints faced daily by people that is why our courses can be taken at anytime the user deems it comfortable enough to take his/her course.You can start a course and continue it at a later time which makes the learning process very convenient.
  4. Awesome Support:We value our clients and we are aware that there is no success without them.That is why we provide support to our users from taking a course to creating one to just about anything.We are always reachable in the support forums or via mail.
  5. Secure systems:we have deliberately invested a lot on securing our against malicious attacks to help boost our user’s confidence  in the area of online payments,data security and much more.
  6. Instructor Copyright Protection:As an extension to data security,our website is content protected ;meaning course contents cannot be copy and pasted to reproduced electronically.
  7. No hidden charges:From students paying to take a course to instructors making funds withdrawal requests,there will be no hidden charges and if there is need for any,we will communicate it clearly to you.
  8. Consumer Protection :We have put measures in place to ensure our clients are duly protected against fraudulent activities of internet users.
  9. Social Integration:Facebook,Instagram,Tweeter etc we have it all.Students and instructors can easily share posts to social media for better publicity and course sales.
  10. Course Marketing:We run ad campaigns from time to time to create awareness for macaranta’s courses created by our instructors. This online marketing will lead to improved course sales for our instructors.


Finally, this is just a tip of the iceberg of what macaranta.com has to offer,we invite you to explore the website further to unravel other pleasant surprises our has got to offer.

Keep Learning, teaching  and earning with macaranta.com.Don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this post with friends and loved ones.


Team Macaranta.

June 7, 2016

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