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Welcome all,

As we begin this journey of a productive and constructive learning,teaching and earning partnership we hope to serve our clients at all levels satisfactorily.

The issue of learning is as old as mankind as over the years people acquire vital skills that enable them function productively in a society.This skills are gotten through learning,be it formal or informal.People often learn take a lot of time to learn a few skills and it is sometimes even more difficult to find a teacher to learn such skills from.To further strain the issue,people are simply too busy to sit in a conventional classroom learning a skill which sometimes takes as much as 6 months or more per skill.Research has shown that students (of the not-so -conventional schools) prefer to carve out their own optimal time for studying  which is sometimes in contrast to the time available for a teacher.

On the other hand,we have professionals of valuable fields that find it difficult getting across to their target students with relevant to them.There are a lot of such professionals in Nigeria ;Web designers,graphic specialists,make up artists ,music pros etc.

Macaranta.com is a website that connects students to professionals for the purposes of learning teaching and earning online.Students gain the needed knowledge for personal and career development whilst instructors get paid for the courses they teach online.In summary it is a website for buying and selling knowledge packaged into e-courses.

We hope that users find the site suitable for all their learning and training needs.


June 7, 2016

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