We need partners.

Hello to you reading this post, we are glad you are taking out time to read through our post, thank you .

So we have put together macaranta.com to help instructors and students connect more easily for the purpose of learning such that instructors will earn from their well created online short courses while students will receive the much needed knowledge in a given area of expertise .

However we are experiencing two major challenges which are ;

1.Lack of courses on our platform .

2.Publicity of courses created to reach the potential  course students.

This is why we need you to help make this platform a Sucess and ultimately serve its purpose which is to help educate people and to create wealth.

You can help by:

1.Creating your courses and promoting it on social media.

2. Telling people about macaranta.com , especially people with proven knowledge of skills that can help others if properly taught.

3. Creating a social media buzz about our platform by liking and sharing our fan page and posts.

4.Just about any other way you feel you can partner to help see the platform grow.We are also open to a profit sharing arrangement that will be discussed in details with  the person proposing it.

Above all, we just want to see people educated rapidly and people being rewarded for their efforts . It’s a win win situation as no one losses on our platform .

We are always a chat away , message us on whatsapp 08151097447 or send us a mail on support@macaranta.com .

We look forward to hearing your proposition.

Thank you for your time .


July 29, 2017

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