Updated Course Creation Video(with Audio).

Hello all,

As part of our drive to provide excellent E-learning service to instructors and students alike, we have updated our course creation and quiz creation video for macaranta.com, we also added a brief tour of the website to quickly get users up to speed on how the system works.

We have also updated this new videos on the macaranta.com/course-video page. It is our hope that this new set of videos will simplify the whole process of course/quiz creation on our platform.

Remember that for  each course you sell with our E-learning website you earn 70% of the total course fee. On macaranta.com we upload our videos first to YouTube(don’t forget to change the setting from public to private or unlisted) before uploading your videos .

Do well to watch,share and give us feedback on areas of improvement/observations.


Find the videos below . . .

Macaranta.com Brief Tour

Course Creation Video

Quiz Creation Video

March 12, 2017

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