Introduction To Dropshipping

Introduction To Dropshipping

Walmart is the richest company on earth(according to Wikipedia) and what they do is retail. Amazon is also among the richest company on earth and they’re into Ecommerce, selling stuffs online. A whole lot of well established businesses are built around the Ecommerce model, people will never stop buying stuff and due to the increasing “laziness” of our current generation, people will prefer to sit on their couch and buy a new stuff rather than go out to a conventional mall to buy what they want. This need right here, of bringing the shopping to the customer has created this million dollar business called Ecommerce. Ebay, Amazon, jumia,konga, wish, etc the list goes on and on.

Now as an individual entrepreneur who wants to go into this business of dropshipping, the idea is not to compete with the numerous big brands out there, but to get a piece of the business pie, by gradually growing your own fan base of loyal customers who will buy and keep buying from you. Also, you are not going to be selling the regular everyday item people can easily buy from the mall but items that are unique, hard to find and solves a problem for them. Most times they won’t even know the product exists or that they need it until they see you advertise it to them.

This is your competitive advantage to taking your own market share which is mostly more than enough for you if done correctly.

This course is borne out of several years of practice and research on the best practices for carrying out a successful dropshipping business. It’s going to cut the learning curve and guess work which can be frustrating and costly on the part of the beginner to intermediate level dropshipping enthusiasts which will give you an optimal route to understanding and achieving your much desired success in Ecommerce.

We will also create a post course mentorship and support group to guide you through the process practically. This will be for 4 weeks, after which mentorship will be paid. But not to worry, 4 weeks is more than enough time to get going.

1.a Course Requirements.

1.You must be willing to learn and be determined to succeed. There’s no half hearted approach to dropshipping as this is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a real business.

2.For those using the paid approach (shopify +Facebook Marketing) you must have around $300 to $1000 to test products till you find a winner(this will be explained in details in subsequent chapters)

3.You must have integrity. For the dropshipping model, people will be paying for their products upfront, so you must have cash flow to fulfill their orders even before you recieve your money from your payment processors as there is usually a hold time for monies received before it is released to your bank account.

4.Be willing to initially reinvest a percentage of your profits back into your business for sustainability.

1.b Why take this course?

The dropshipping business model is like a landmine with so many different things that could go wrong if not done properly. The implications of a newbie trying to figure it all out includes losing a lot of time and money doing the wrong things and learning the hard way. This course therefore seeks to bridge that knowledge gap, in such a way that it guarantees some level of success if adhered to strictly.

Not only that, there is also a mentorship program after taking the course. The course is interactive, which means as you learn from us you can ask questions about any particular area of doubt and you will get a response in that regard.

This course is going to be affordable, so that as many people who wish to go into this business can succeed with minimal hassles. It will save you money lost  from trying to figure it all out by yourself and most importantly cut the learning curve to learning dropshipping and still provide mentorship for some areas of ambiguities.

The learning pattern is such that it points you to the right resources for every aspect and stage of the dropshipping business.

30 day Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the outcome of this course.

Now let’s begin…

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