Five types of camera man

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5 types of camera men

  1. point and shoot cameraman
  2. Amateur cameraman: They seem to be professional in their own eyes but they cannot tell the stories the capture e.g street photography
  3. Professional cameraman: They know the angles of the cameras but they are not Director-of-photography (D.O.P)

Other types (especially video camera men) are:

  1. Director-of-photography (D.O.P): they have advanced knowledge about e.g colour, storyline, the lens, the type of camera to use in any event – they are called directo of photography (popularly in films/video)

5. The Cinematographer: has more knowledge than the D.O.P they don’t work with a media house. He will tell you a story with light and shadows, red, pink, etc. He tells the light man which type of colour to use. Most of the adverts that you see are shot by the cinematographer


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