Bonus Tips

Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips to help you succeed in this Ecommerce business

1.Keep the right mindset.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a real business. Keep a mindset that’s determined to succeed and not give up so soon.

2.Understand the cost implications before you begin

You will. Need to spend money to get started with this Ecommerce business. There are fees like the one needed to set up the store, the plans and the apps. This will cost around $80 per month plus another $500 to $1000 for marketing and testing your audiences.

3.Have cash flow as opposed to savings.

This is very important. Cash flow is money that comes in regularly maybe from a job or a business you already are into. The problem with starting with just a savings is that, as you market your products during the testing phase before you find a winner, you might become desperate as you watch your savings deplete without corresponding sales. This is the point where many people give up. But if you have a cash flow(expected income), then you can test more confidently instead of being scared of losing money.

4.See money spent during advertising as data acquisition instead of money lost.

As you test products, some adsets or ad creative will not return any sales, at this point a lot of people feel like they’ve lost money forgetting the fact that, the reach and impression of their brands will be recorded by the Facebook pixel which helps Facebook show your ads better the next time. Also people who added to cart or viewed the page and didn’t buy can be retargetted to with a better offer (small discount code) that will encourage them to complete the order.

5. Don’t forget the Winning combination for success.

A great product placed in front of the right audience at the right price will almost definitely guarantee a sales all things bring equal. If you’re advertising the wrong product to the wrong audience you won’t get a sale.

6.Have a professional set up

From your store design to your product selection, to your customer care service all these should be well out together. Respond on time to customer questions on all your communications channel, have a professional looking website and product page. Test extensively to detect any technical issues on your store front that may hinder a customer from buying successfully before you even start marketing.

Avoid riotous color combination on your page, have a brand color and stick to it across all social media accounts related to your page. Don’t forget a clean logo too.

7.Give Facebook time to optimize your ads

Facebook ads works by learning who to show your ads to. It does this through its algorithm and it takes sometimes a day to two on an ad to truly know the best people to show your ads to. So I till this phase is completed, it’s not productive to keep turning off your ads or tweaking things unnecessarily as anytime you do that, Facebook will have to reset and start learning all over again. So allow the ads run and let the metrics show you what to do

8.The best kind of audience to advertise to is usually the epacket countries or the big 5 countries. Epacket countries are usually easier to deliver products to as they have their products delivered on time. Targeting third world countries will be cheaper but may not give yo the desired results

This is applicable to those running the dropshipping model.

9.Keep it simple and don’t over complicate things. Use one interest per adset as this will help you know where sales are coming from and which interest to scale and which to drop.

10.Reinvest part of your profits and grow till your brand is stable.

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