The Power Of The Link.

As an instructor , one of your biggest challenges will be how to get students to see your course hosted on macaranta.com and thus decide whether to take the course or not. It is assumed that the more traffic that hits your course homepage, the more likely it is to convert that traffic to subscribing students and ultimately increase course  sales.

This is a valid concern,  as an instructor you won’t want to put in much effort into creating a  course and make zero or minimal sales from it not commensurate with the energy put into creating the course(as a side note, since course creation is a one time effort on macaranta.com and your course sells forever , this shouldn’t really bother you much as an instructor ) , however there is a way around this challenge thanks to technology,  social media and Ultimately the Internet . A post on say Twitter or Facebook can go viral in less than 10 minutes after posting, which means people will be clicking, viewing, sharing and making comments on the post at a staggering number. This same concept can be applied to your courses with the right strategy, You don’t need to have students physically present before deciding  wether to create your quality course or not because with the Internet , students are just a click away from subscribing to your course,sharing it and possibly creating a rave review of your course that will encourage others to want to take the course .

With just a simple marketing campaign like promoting your new course link with a motivational post about it, students will come flocking in to your course. The opportunities and possibilities this hold is endless. For instance, a 3000 naira promotion on Facebook will give around 8k views on the boosted post. If your course is say 1000 naira and out of the 8,000 views on to the course page, only 10 people subscribe to the course, you have already made a profit of above 5000 naira from the campaign , the  imagine   100,200 or 500 students taking the course as a result of your course link promotion  campaign . . Truly the possibilities are endless.

This is the power of the course link, create a good course with a one time effort and do a bit of promotion on it, especially now that macaranta.com is not very popular ,( we believe with time , traffics and student subscription will come naturally ) .Once this is done, you can watch your sales grow while you continue to build your reputation as a great instructor , plus you get your money for the knowledge you share .

As a bonus, we will on our own promote courses from time to time, so our instructors can make more sales.

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June 11, 2017

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