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Hello everyone,

We apologize for the delay in posting for a while now, well it’s been as a result of several upgrades we have been introducing to the Macaranta.com platform.

The post for today is  on the Sucess Perspective on E-learning,for both students and instructors. Do you know that due to several obvious factors,the need for knowledge Has risen dramatically.People need new information to help them succeed in their daily lives.The unemployed graduate needs some handcraft skills to better his chances of survival in this trying times,just imagine the numerous things that are there to be learnt but maybe due to lack of time and funds or distance people can’t really afford them.

What about the instructor,who has a lot to share to the world. . . Your cool ict skills, the baking or bead making skills to just about anything but due to lack kf of logistics for facilitating your training sessions you allow millions  of naira miss you.

However it doesn’t have to be all bad news , as thanks to macaranta.com people now have a virtual classroom for E-learning purposes. Learn new skills for  a fair amount or even free(depending on the instructor) , while anyone who feel he has useful knowledge in any area of expertise can monetize quality knowledge using our platform.

We encourage training facilitators on every field /profession to train students online using our very efficient,reliable and simplistic system for their E-learning needs.

Macaranta.com just here to connect instructors to students for educational needs. Give us a try today.

Got any questions? Send us a mail on support@macaranta.com.

October 29, 2016

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