Teaching Online;A service to humanity.


Skills and the need to learn new ones are rising in demand,due to the obvious reasons of recession and Ultimately lack of sustainable income for most individuals and families.People require on-demand vocational skills, ICT skills,entrepreneurial skills, even human development skills and many many more. This is why it’s never been  a better time  going into the education especially E-learning industry.

As teachers/instructors , you now possess the power to do two very important things in life, which is

1 .Helping the numerous knowledge hungry individuals out there who desperately need new skills to survive this harsh economic times.

2.Helping your self find financial freedom doing what you love most, which is sharing knowledge.

Maybe people overlook new opportunities due to many misconceptions they may have about starting small or not trusting online establishments.Worry no more, as E-learning is a legitimate way of doing more from the comfort of your homes and places of work.Teachers should never be poor, and if they are poor that means they’re not doing something right.

Who exactly is a teacher/instructor on macaranta.com ?

Well just about anyone .All you need do is have something valuable to share to the world.Students are surplus out there, everyone is looking for something,just supply them with what they want.

E-learning has come to stay,people want more for lesser resources(time and money spent ) . Break that time -distance barrier that limits you to teaching students in your geographical location only.

What courses can you teach on macaranta.com ?

Same answer as the one above, just about anything(legal). This will include, website design and development , mobile apps development, bead making , social media marketing, programming , etc etc. . .

If you can convert it to text, videos or file attachments then it can be taught online via E-learning on our platform. Be proactive today and give E-learning a try.

Want to get started teaching and helping people gain knowledge ?

Just sign up >>>apply to become an instructor >>>and you’re one step away from creating your first course on macaranta.com.

Read more about the numerous things you can do on our website . . . Cheers

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February 4, 2017

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