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studentsWelcome to macaranta.com the largest e-course market for Nigeria where you can teach learn and earn online.A student is anyone that Registers  and has activated their account via the email sent to them upon registration.The student role doesn't allow you to create courses but you can only take them.



bookmate-low-angle-600x400Students can find courses in the  Course Directory.

The student goes through the courses directory offered by our various instructors.If the student finds a course of interest,they click on the take course button.If it is a free course,they can begin the course immediately gaining access to course units,quizzes,forums,groups,badges ,certificates etc.For paid courses,the student is directed to the checkout page where they pay the course fee with their cards using our Vogue-pay payment processor(we do not accept checks at this point).

Your payment if successful gives you complete access to the course once your course order is seen,verified and approved.

You can use the message instructor buttons to contact course instructors for course clarifications,support,etc.

After all the course activity,i.e taking and completing the course you are expected to leave a review for the course/course instructor so as to encourage/discourage others from taking the course.

If you find the course extremely poor in content or is deceitful or you are not satisfied with the course and its administrator(instructor)you should contact us immediately for investigations and a possible refund.

As a bonus,don’t forget to like and follow us on all our social media accounts,in doing so you are creating awareness for the website and attracting more users(students and instructors) for a better and vibrant learning experience.

Thank You.

images (16)Students pay the course fee as set by the course instructor.Payment is made via a debit card (VISA,VERVE,MASTERCARD).We will verify payments and after approval the start course button is made available to the student.

Always request support if you encounter any challenges with any aspect of using our platform.We want our users to be satisfied at all times with our services.


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