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Welcome to our referral system

Growing a brand and creating the required publicity for success  is not very easy,that is why we have come to rely on the goodwill of our members and visitors to grow macaranta.com by bringing in the best instructors and students to our platform.

Do you know any instructor or student who you feel should be on macaranta.com?Then this referral program is for you…Its a call to Spread the word on macaranta.com

With the simplified referral system,we hope that if you like our site and what we represent(spreading wealth and knowledge of course) you will see this referral as a thing of JOY.

This basically the summary,you will earn a percentage of whatever financial  returns or expenditure your referrals make or earn on macaranta.com

The Instructor Referral Program.

In the instructor referral program,you earn 10% of every sales your referred instructor makes on macaranta.com.That is as your referred instructor creates a course and makes sales,you will earn 10% on what ever he/she makes on course sales.

The Student Referral Program.

In the Student referral program,if you refer a student to macaranta.com and they make a course purchase,you earn 10% of whatever they spend on courses on macaranta.com.If a student makes a total course purchase of 10,000 naira for instance,you earn 1,000 as the one who referred them.

Requesting Payments 

You can track your referred users via their usernames they sign up with and also their emails on this referral page below(scroll down).We also have a robust system gives a detailed analysis of all referred users and referees.

Minimum payout is 1,000 naira via recharge card or bank transfer.

Note:Please ensure to tell your referred users to activate their account via email for this system supports only activated accounts.When your referred user signs up an email is sent to you automatically.

Remember that our referral program reward is just a token for your efforts and not a direct quantification of what you deserve.Making referrals on macaranta.com is very easy due to the extensive integration with social media(Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Instagram).Don’t forget to kindly share our page at every opportunity.

If you love wealth and Knowledge,then you should love us!!!

Thank You… :bye: :good:


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