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This is an introductory course on the use of Stata, one of the most widely used professional statistical packages. The software is used in many fields of research, from accounting to zoology, it is fast, accurate and easy to use, offers hundreds of statistical tools, has excellent technical support and huge online user community. The course will be based on three pillars:

  • Introduction to Stata environment and commands.
  • Application and Interpretation of basic statistical procedures on actual data, and
  • Introduction of basic programming in Stata do-file environment.

The approach will follow the outline of a typical empirical research process: importing, transforming and summarizing data, running basic statistical methods, and producing graphs and maps.


  1. Introduction to the Stata working environment
  2. Overview of Stata’s statistical, graphical and data management capabilities
  • Loading data into Stata from non-Stata formats
  1. Merging and appending datasets,
  2. Changing the shape of your data,
  3. Transforming variables
  • Creating summary statistics and cross tabulations
  • Producing and editing graphs,
  1. Producing maps
  2. Introduction to Stata programming in do-file environment


Computer file management within Microsoft Windows, knowledge of elementary statistics (not compulsory but it is added advantage), no prior knowledge of Stata is required

Lesson Type:

  1. i) Interactive hands on practice session from bottom-up
  2. ii) A pack of lecture tutorials (videos and guide books) plus software add-on for practice.

Fee Info:

Office training: #20,000 (Individual training)

Outside training: #25,000 (individual training)

Duration Info:

3 classes which is 2 hours per class each day, or

A 6-8 hours class on a day, all with the same quality.


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