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Oloso Naheem is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from University of Ilorin. He has over 7 years of Project Planning using Primavera P6 and MS Project. He worked at Eclipse Energy Ltd in Port Harcourt. He was a project consultant (Planning/Scheduling) with Jomag Engineering Ltd. He currently works with Lambert Electromec Ltd as a Project Planner. He is proficient in the use of Primavera P6 and other project management tools. He is also the Primavera and MS Project Instructor at ADMAS COMPUTER.

This course is usually attended by those aspiring to work as Project Managers, Event Organizers, Project Planners, Consultants and Financial Project Analysts. The Primavera® P6 training covers concepts related to Work Breakdown Structure, Budgeting, Relationships, Scheduling and Baseline. Participants will be exposed to managing projects through Primavera® software, including tasks like adding activities, assigning resources, and calculating issues and risks.

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The following topic areas will be covered in this course,there will be video units and pdf manuals to help participants understand the course in-depthly.Students are encouraged to ask questions using the course group and message instructor functionality available in macaranta.com and we will respond swiftly to their queries.

Lesson 1. – Introduction to Project Management & Scheduling a. What is Project Management? b. What is Scheduling? c. Overview of Primavera P6.
Lesson 2. – Starting a New Project in P6 a. Initiating a Project b. Customizing Project Information c. Setting Parameters d. Saving / Protecting Project Information e. Lesson Review

Lesson 3. – WBS and Activities a. Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) b. Defining Activities c. Adding Activities d. Estimating the Duration of Activities e. Lesson Review.

Lesson 4. – Calendars a. Planning for Workdays / Work hours b. Adding New Calendars c. Assigning Calendars to Tasks d. Lesson Review.

Lesson 5. – Activity Sequencing a. What is Critical Path Methodology (CPM)? b. Logic / Relationship Types c. Predecessors / Successors d. Sequencing Methods e. Lesson Review.

Lesson 6. – Resource Planning a. Create and Assigning Resources b. Assigning Resources to Activities c. Lesson Review
Lesson 7. – Organizing Project Information a. Grouping & Sorting Project Information b. Lesson Review

Lesson 8. – Updating the Schedule a. Creating the Target / Baseline b. Monitoring the Schedule c. Lesson Review.

Lesson 9. – Layouts and Reporting a. Generating Graphic and Tabular Reports b. Distributing Information to Project Stakeholders c. Administrative Closure d. Lesson Review
Lesson 10. – Case Studies


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