Prima Vera P6

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The following topic areas will be covered in this course,there will be video units and pdf manuals to help participants understand the course in-depthly.Students are encouraged to ask questions using the course group and message instructor functionality available in macaranta.com and we will respond swiftly to their queries.

Lesson 1. – Introduction to Project Management & Scheduling a. What is Project Management? b. What is Scheduling? c. Overview of Primavera P6.
Lesson 2. – Starting a New Project in P6 a. Initiating a Project b. Customizing Project Information c. Setting Parameters d. Saving / Protecting Project Information e. Lesson Review

Lesson 3. – WBS and Activities a. Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) b. Defining Activities c. Adding Activities d. Estimating the Duration of Activities e. Lesson Review.

Lesson 4. – Calendars a. Planning for Workdays / Work hours b. Adding New Calendars c. Assigning Calendars to Tasks d. Lesson Review.

Lesson 5. – Activity Sequencing a. What is Critical Path Methodology (CPM)? b. Logic / Relationship Types c. Predecessors / Successors d. Sequencing Methods e. Lesson Review.

Lesson 6. – Resource Planning a. Create and Assigning Resources b. Assigning Resources to Activities c. Lesson Review
Lesson 7. – Organizing Project Information a. Grouping & Sorting Project Information b. Lesson Review

Lesson 8. – Updating the Schedule a. Creating the Target / Baseline b. Monitoring the Schedule c. Lesson Review.

Lesson 9. – Layouts and Reporting a. Generating Graphic and Tabular Reports b. Distributing Information to Project Stakeholders c. Administrative Closure d. Lesson Review
Lesson 10. – Case Studies


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