Auto Cad 2D 3D Course

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Welcome to this course,if you are looking to gain new proficiency in autocad 2D and 3D then this course is for you.
It is prepared at a subsidized rate for students as it is an online course hosted on macaranta.

Here is what the course outline looks like….

AutoCAD 2D/3D Course Outline
• Introduction To AutoCAD
• Understanding AutoCAD Interface
• Application of Basic drawing tools
• Coordinating Systems in AutoCAD 2d ( Drawing Lines using Cartesian Coordinates)
• Circles and Arc, Polylines, Ellipses
• Drawing and Modifying Objects
• Layers, object snap, Templates
• Drawing Precision ( Polar tracking, Snap & Grid)
• Adding Text
• Drawing Lines Using Polar Coordinates
• Hatching, Modifying Hatches
• Printing
• Isometric Drawing

AutoCAD 3D Course Outline
• Introduction to AutoCAD 3D
• AutoCAD 3D interface
• 3d objects modeling ( Box, Cylinder, Sphere, Pyramid)
• Applications of 3D Tools (subtract, intersect, Press pull, sweep, rotate 3D, Mesh modeling, Visual styles, view).


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