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Welcome to our referral system.

There are 2 types of referral programs on macaranta.com and each is rewarding for the participants.We are not yet very financially buoyant so you should see the rewards you get from participating in this program as just a token of your efforts in sending users our way,instead of an exact monetary quantification of your efforts.Thanks.

The Platinum Referral Program.

In the platinum referral program,you earn 20 Naira for every user you refer to our website.(That is 2,000 naira for every 100 users)This amount may be reviewed upwards as we start making some level of income from the website community.

The Diamond Referral Program.

In the Diamond referral program,in addition to your platinum referral benefits,you get an extra 1,000 naira if 10 of your referred users apply to become an instructor.In addition,when they publish a course and the course sells,you receive 10% of the total course sales for the first 90 days of the course sales.The Diamond referral program is originally designed for users who will help us refer instructors to our platform as this is the core function of the website which is to have a collection of valuable courses  for our esteemed users.

Requesting Payments 

You can track your referred users via their usernames they sign up with and also their emails on this referral page below(scroll down).We also have a robust system gives a detailed analysis of all referred users and referees.

Minimum payout is 1,000 naira via recharge card or bank transfer.

Note:Please ensure to tell your referred users to activate their account via email for this system supports only activated accounts.When your referred user signups an email is sent to you automatically.And also note that referring users is not that hard,you just have to share your referral links found on the referral page with your social media people,that’s it.

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June 22, 2016

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  1. Awesome,kindly help us grow this wonderful learning community.Knowledge is power.

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