Online Course Instructors for Macaranta.com(Batch 2)

Good morning all,
Due to the huge number of people indicating interest to train students online using macaranta.com E-Learning website for Nigeria, we have decided to come up with a second batch thread. The aim of this second thread is to simplify the course creation process on macaranta.com by using this thread as a support for intending instructors.

What is macaranta.com?
It is an E-learning website that allows instructors teach students online in an interactive and efficient manner such that the students gain the much needed knowledge while the instructors earn 70 percent commission on sales from their courses.

Benefits for students
>Students can learn from any device at their own pace and comfort
>Interactive learning experience as students can ask questions about the course they are taking especially hard to understand areas.
>You learn on demand courses at your free time.
>Great value for money as the courses have been screened to ensure fair pricing.
>Secure systems for payment and thus no fear of losing money or information of any kind.

Benefits for instructors
>Earn money from your knowledge/course
>You can quickly reach more students all over the world with your course.
>Easy to use course creation interface with support from our team.
>Eliminate the time distance Barrier associated with learning.
>Free course creation and hosting, no need to rent halls for trainings.
>Extensive social media integrations for massive course link marketing.

Benefits for corporate organizations
>Train your workforce with ease.You can have your facilitator host training courses on macaranta.com that will be privately accessed by your workforce.
>Save money on accommodation, transportation etc for both facilitator and employees.
>Secure system.

Thus if you are a trainer with great courses that will be valuable to a wider audience of students, then you can indicate interest to train students online on macaranta.com and we will help you get your course live on macaranta.com in less than 24 hours.

For partnership also(Investors/content acquisition)

Please send a WhatsApp message to 08151097447 or mail support@macaranta.com

This how macaranta.com works macaranta.com/course-video

The kind of courses we feel will be great are entrepreneurial inclined courses (ICT, vocational skills, handcraft, etc) that can help young people start up businesses once they take your course. (not maths and English kind of course) Instructors should see their course as a liberating tool for young people to become business men and women.However we are always open to new suggestions and strategies.

Let’s work together to eradicate illiteracy while generating wealth.

May 18, 2018

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