New Course Quality Control Measures.

Good Day All,
We want to wish you all a happy new month of May,cheers to a successful partnership with you all on E-learning both now and in the future.
We have noticed that some instructors create courses with empty units(and curriculum i.e no content, although we had anticipated this but chose to give it some time before considering the quality of courses potential Instructors are bringing into macaranta.com E-learning website. This has given rise to the need for some form of quality control on courses published on our platform.
Henceforth,courses with empty units/curriculum will be unpublished and won’t be made visible to students after a period of 7 days. If you have any challenges with inputting content into your course curriculum, kindly go through the course creation video here macaranta.com/course-video or send us a message on whatsapp 0815109744766.
Instructors that repeatedly publish empty courses or low quality courses will have their instructor accounts revoked pending when they are ready to create serious courses.
We understand that the student levels are still low, but that shouldn’t give an excuse to fill macaranta.com with empty/low quality courses. Our aim as a community is to share useful life changing courses that can transform the lives of our students positively, it’s good for your reputation as an instructor that you’re only associated with quality when it comes to your courses. Remember your courses are available and accessible to the world from macaranta.com,so play your part at quality you never can know who’s watching.
Also remember that if you trust your courses absolutely,you can run solo adverts marketing your course link so as to attract students directly to your course.
If you have any challenges don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact information.
We are building a great learning environment, let keep doing that and the rewards will be for everyone.
Thank you

May 4, 2017

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