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Gurusvillage Writing Service (GWS) is a registered company that specialises in academic writing and training. GWS  plays dual role of training highly motivated people in academic writing and employing the best of those trained. Trained individuals are however at liberty to seek employment elsewhere or be their own boss.

Besides, undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to have excellent grade in their thesis or dissertation either locally or internationally will also find this training service very helpful.

Course Outline

1. Choosing a research topic

2. Searching for quality research materials

3. Use of bibliography management software to manage materials and auto-generate citation and bibliography or endnotes

4. Developing research ‘thesis’

5. Writing research background

6. Raising research questions, objectives and hypotheses

7. Writing significance or justification of study

8. Literature Review

-Choosing Theoretical Framework

-Developing Conceptual Framework

9. Research Methodology

10. Choosing Research Design- Things to consider

11. Research Paradigms & Philosophy

12. Sampling- How to choose appropriate sampling technique

13. Research Instruments- Validity & Reliability Issue

14. Choosing appropriate analytical tools to analyse study data

15. Writing Results & Discussion Section

16. Writing Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation Section

17. Writing Study Abstract or Executive Summary etc



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