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I have been learning and growing with experience in the education and technology (EduTech) industries for many years. I have passion for what I do. And curious to learn and know more. But there’s the need for learning technical know-how in the IT industry, which i absolutely abhor. Why can’t i learn how to build a beautiful modern website without me having any technical skills? Infact, I hate coding in the sense that it requires me to part away with too much of my hard-earned money, if am to learn the skills step by step and turning to a pro.

And for Non-Techies to build a personal website on their own is limited due to lack of tech skills. You will spend up to N100k – 250k hiring a web developer, who codes from the back-end or even a web designer who deals with UI/UX on the front-end, since maintaining and running a website is a lifetime thing. Companies and other business can pay them as long as they make money from it. But what of you, personally, a Non-Techie, without coding or programming knowledge? Can you create and setup a website/blog without employing any web specialist to do it for you? The answer is a big ‘YES’.

Wordpress, Tumbler, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, etc are all free hosting sites for building and hosting a free blog/website. Wordpress is the best for being an opensource software for building both free and paid website/blog, which you can customise to your taste. Most fortune 500 companies actually use Wordpress to build their website. Are you ready to  take the next steps and join the next group of non-techies to learn Wordpress? Schedule your training immediately………..

Former Content Developer/Operations Assistant @ Pass.NG

Former Marketer/Business Developer @ ClickRight Digital Ltd

Blogger, Tutor and Web Designer for Robot Web Studio


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