Learning In Our Everyday Life.


It has been an interesting past week characterized by a topsy turvy emotional and adrenaline rush.In the end a great lesson has been learnt,a lesson which perhaps will last a lifetime.
Sometimes in life people get carried away by the feeling of grandeur,that they are somewhat above forgiveness and forgiving people but we should all learn to forgive in life and be willing to give more than a second chance to people who have offended us in life.

A workplace incident which we wont be sharing in details have inspired me to write article on informal learning as also a necessary aspect of learning.Against all odds i was opportune to see how an employer forgave his employees(2) after some money got missing,it wasn’t clear if the doors were properly shut the Friday before the incident occurred(they came on a Monday and found the doors open).Now the aim of this write up isn’t about who was at fault,or who took the money or what other reasons there is as to how the money got missing.It is about the reason the boss gave for forgiving his employees.

“Everyday people die in plane crashes,accidents and other mishaps those people are they not human beings?we are not God and there is nothing that any man has done to his fellow man that cannot be forgiven”…Those were some highlights of his words.

This got me thinking,keep in mind that this boss is largely successful in life running a business that amasses millions and has supply base scattered all over the world,now it is safe to say that he was an established fellow.With such humility and spirit of forgiveness in display,i learnt a very powerful lesson :forgiveness and humility.
Today people feel larger than life,that nothing can affect them or bring them down from their high castle. Some make some money and run out of touch with the lowly and downtrodden,So i ask,besides the formal things we learn in life,schools,universities,professional training and all that,what other lessons are we learning in life?
Do you pick the life events and transform it into sound character building opportunities or do you just let things happen randomly without learning or improving your person.Today i call on all,as you move through life learning should not be restricted to professional and classroom alone,let the world and life be your classroom,learn humility,learn forgiveness,learn the act of giving and learn every other thing that will create a better world for us all.
Don’t also forget that whatever wrong things you do or find your self doing can also be unlearned by deliberately seeking to unlearn it and replacing it with something better and something good.

There is enough trouble in the world already,don’t add to it by doing and learning the wrong things of life.

Editors note:The details of what happened will not be elaborated here or in the comments section so as to protect the privacy of the parties involved.

July 14, 2016

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