It’s All About Value This April.


Hello Macaranta.com students and instructors , it’s a new month so it’s only right we say a happy new month to each and every one of you. Thank you for your numerous contributions to our E-learning community.

So this April, what’s your plan for E-learning ? As a student or an instructor , take advantage of the platform to learn  or teach something.

For instructors , your emphasis for course creation should be value, valuable content that will help your student start reaping the benefits of your course almost immediately.Try to ask yourself if you will be willing to take a course and pay its fee if you were the student.Will you feel satisfied with your courses if you were paying for it?

The answer lies in value, let your course teach someone a skill that they can almost immediately start making money from it, let’s train students to be self reliant with useful valuable and easy to comprehend courses. . . And of course you’re rewarded with your 70 percent commission on sales from your course .

We are also always there to support you with the course creation process, course marketing  and earning from your course . Passive income and personal fulfillment  is your ultimate reward as you help educate a fellow human being .

Have a great new month of April .

Best Regards from all of us at macaranta.com .


April 2, 2017

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