Introducing The Macaranta Paid Referral System.


To ensure quick market penetration,we have designed a robust paid referral system where users get paid for sending users our way. Macaranta.com is not just an E-Learning website,but a community of scholars that need to flourish and grow in the most exponential way possible.Our hope is that,Every Nigerian seeking to learn,teach or earn online from knowledge monetization will find this website as their number one choice for doing so.

Through the referral system,we hope to attract the best professionals to instruct skills that are valuable to to the paying students.Professional courses like pdms,auto cad,solid works etc for the engineers,website design,html,php,etc for the programmers and a whole lot of other courses.in this era of large unemployment figures,we want this website to provide students with the skills that they need to thrive,be it in their corporate life or in self employment.

So by just sharing your referral links on social media,telling your family,friends and loved ones about macaranta e-learning website and how they can learn,teach and earn utilizing its extensive e-learning capabilities you will be earning for your self and also be helping people find employment for survival,be it via training students or learning a skill that will put food on their tables.

For more about our referral program and how you can get your referral links,click Here

Corporate learning institutions are encouraged to package their courses as e-courses and extend their reach by selling such courses to students online.We believe that with proper online marketing,course instructors can make reasonable course sales using macaranta.com

June 7, 2016

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