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Hello Instructors,

As we all know, the Sucess of macaranta.com as an E-learning website will largely depend on the quality of courses we have on display for intending students.This can only be made possible by our esteemed course instructors. That is why we wish to send out this soft reminder of our willingness to provide 24/7 course creation  support for our instructors .

Do you have challenges using our platform? Do you have challenges creating with the technicalities of course creation? Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions via email,forums or phone call as displayed on our homepage.

Also don’t forget our instructor tutorials resources found here macaranta.com/instructor-tutorial and here macaranta.com/course-video. This should guide you in quickly creating courses…

Remember the rewards of hosting a successful course on macaranta.com and the inexhaustible income that can be realized from students buying your courses.Indeed the sky is the limit.

Do have a great day.

December 16, 2016

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