E-learning Success Tips For Instructors.


E-learning has been around for a while especially with several international sites doing very well over the years.In Nigeria, E-learning is a relatively new industry with great potentials to drive both wealth and knowledge all in one wrap.Instructors can strike gold with a very successful course which is both informative and useful for the students.

Here are a few Success tips for instructors that we have gathered and we believe if it is diligently followed,instructors will find a fulfilling reward.

1.Create Value:Create value with your courses in such a way that when students take the course , they benefit directly from the knowledge gained.For instance, a course on mobile app device development can help your student create a valuable app for the very first time.Same goes for web design and development, cake making,Autocad, etc the list is endless.Create courses that help improve the career prospects of your students thus helping them succeed.

2.Always provide interaction:As you have noticed,macaranta.com is an interactive E-learning website. So what does this mean? Good question:As an instructor you don’t just create a course and zoom off.Students will have questions which they  can ask via the message instructor button or in course groups/forums ,do your best as an instructor to respond to questions asked by your course students, it makes common sense since they have paid for the course and it will be rude abandoning them.

3.Keep Course Simple:E-learning courses are mostly  self thought meaning students will have to learn mostly on their own.So keeping it simple means more students will find your course enjoyable and recommend it with great reviews.Macaranta.com understands that there are  different levels of learning that is why as an instructor always indicate the course level(macaranta.com has beginner,intermediate and advanced ) this guides your students on making great course choices.

4.Use Great E-learning Tools:When creating courses keep in mind that the aim is to pass across accurate knowledge, thus great tools should be used in achieving this task.  macaranta.com has the text,video, files etc as tools for course creation. Text is fairly straightforward to use, so also files(pdf, ppt, etc) maybe a few well designed graphics for illustrations will be helpful in course creation.

The main issue will be for the course videos.Screen recording is very important in E-learning especially ICT based courses. So many screen recording softwares exist in the market like screen o cast, bgl etc. They allow you record your actions on pc , while even speaking so it’s like the student is being thought directly from the instructor screen.

Remember that on macaranta.com due to storage requirements, our videos are hosted on 3rd party sites preferably YouTube , with the video set to private and not listed to public views such that it is only visible via the course itself

5.Help Your Course Suceed:While macaranta.com does general course marketing from time to time , it will be even better if you as an instructor can spread the word about your course by sharing your course links on social media and other sites . This way you reach more students which  translates to more money for you as an instructor. Remember macaranta.com has great social media integration which is all geared towards quickly creating awareness for your courses.

In conclusion,the focus should not just be on making 70% income off your course sales as an instructor but on creating genuine value with your courses such that whoever is paying for your course will not just be very satisfied with the course but keenly looks forward to more courses from you.

Macaranta.com is here to be the honest middle man, who readily takes your course online with very minimal effort/one time course creation effort.We remit exactly what is due to you as an instructor as we are here for the long run , partnering to make great success stories together .

Got any questions send  us a mail support@macaranta.com and we’d get back to you in no time.

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November 5, 2016

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