E-LEARNING Opportunities during COVID-19 Pandemic.

It’s been a sad phase for the world as we have all witnessed unprecedented disruption with life as we know it. While several countries have been struggling with the growing number of deaths, others have experienced close to total lockdowns of movement and business activities.

The doctors, nurses and every health care personnel battling to save lives alongside essential duty workers keeping our lives sane are the real modern day heroes, we have to thank them immensely.

While we hope and pray for some type of cure or vaccine to tackle this disease, we also can position ourselves to take advantage of the business opportunities created by social distancing.

The only business sphere that hasn’t seen a total shutdown is the internet, which has not been affected by social distancing.

Thousands of small business owners and educational organizations have turned to the internet, specifically the area of E-learning, as students are now being taught classes online.

This period as a result of the stay at home order currently being observed in majority of the countries and cities of the world, including Nigeria, there’s been a corresponding increase in the number of people spending more time online looking to find some form of palliatives for the imposed restrictions.

This is a great time to satisfy the growing demand for online based classes especially for people that wish to use this free period to learn a new skill.

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Get started now, delay no further.

Stay safe, stay home where possible and don’t forget to always observe social distancing as we wait for this dark phase to pass and life return to normal. 🙏🙏🙏

April 5, 2020

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