Do You Believe In Your Course?

A lot of times people will prefer to plant in very perfect conditions , planting only when they  are sure of a harvest. But it doesn’t have to be that way. . . As he who waits for perfect weather will tend to poverty.

Macaranta.com is a tool, if properly utilized will be completely rewarding for its user. The instructor group on macaranta.com represents a very important part of the E-learning community as they  provide the courses that  the students will wait for.

Now most instructors will prefer to create courses only when they know students are waiting to take those courses , however it doesn’t have to be  that way.

Do you believe your course is valuable? will you pay for your course and have no regrets whatsoever parting with your hard earned money? will you feel good about the kind of support you provide for your course if you were the paying student? Will you share your course with friends and family given that you found it useful as a paying student ? If you answer yes to this set of questions it means your course has potential to Suceed and you can achieve that Sucess with rapid course marketing .

If you have created a course on macaranta.com and you know this course has a good potential for Sucess , you can as an instructor take a step further advertising your course in any way you can;Facebook, nairaland , Twitter, etc. With you massive amounts of people that will be viewing your adverts there is then a huge potential for converting those views to  paying students.

Structure your course well, utilize the course description functionality to do initial marketing of your course, this is where students will first read what your course is all about . Then you can make some course units free, such that people can take some part of your course for free but will pay money to complete it.

These are just a few things you can do if you trust and believe in your course as an instructor . Create the course and advertise it independently , you will be amazed at the revenue you can draw up from your course in no time .

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May 9, 2017

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