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As you all know,macaranta.com provides instructors of short courses the tools to move their training online in an easy-to-use platform.The next question for anyone intending to create courses on macaranta.com will be how to deliver their online courses effectively.

The first thing to bear in mind is to ask yourself ,if i were the student taking my course how best will i want it delivered to me?in other words turning the tables and seeing yourself as the student.

First for you to train anyone on any subject area,there has to be some form of lecture materials which will then be broken down to suitable formats ;text,videos,audio,attachments etc.

So here are a few things to consider in converting your offline courses/training into effective E-learning courses.

1.Text Format:You will require some form of write-ups for your course,which can be done in ms word,copy and pasted in the text units of the course curriculum as shown in the course creation video .This will give students something to read in learning your course.

2.Video:Most things cannot be taught effectively online without some form of videos to clarify some things.This is true especially for Vocational skills an ICT courses,where the student assimilates better when they can visualize what is being taught .For ICT,screen recording can be used to train students,this will be supported with an audio illustration from the course instructor.For courses like bead making,cake,shoe designs,ankara designs,etc a direct video shot with even a moderate smart phone camera will be suitable .

These videos will be uploaded to a 3rd party video hosting site like YOUTUBE from where the video link will be pasted in the appropriate course chapter for students to access.

3.File attachments:PDFs,Images,etc can be attached to further aid in the overall learning process of the student.

4.Others:Things like course quizzes,certificates,etc can also be prepared by the course instructor to make his/her course interesting and worthwhile.

In summary,as an instructor always look out for the best way to deliver your course that guarantees optimum knowledge flow from instructor to student.

Research on E-learning best practices/resources ,ensure quality courses as you can’t who might stumble upon your course be it Nigeria or beyond,promote your courses on social media for maximum exposure.Build a brand for yourself as a quality online tutor and watch the money come in from course sales.

Remember,what is worth doing is worth doing well.


October 25, 2017

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