Starting A Start-Up.

We live in a world where businesses spring forth on a daily basis in every category you could imagine;from a new restaurant,company or even an online business such as blogging,Forex etc.So many people would desire to partake in this ever changing fast paced era where goods and services are exchanged for monetary rewards and the likes.The good thing about starting a business is that no matter the type of business one chooses to establish,there is a generic set of rules to follow in order to achieve business success.
This course will take a close look at what it takes to start up a profitable business and how to sustain it.


Course Curriculum

Pre-Start Up Phase.
Introduction 00:00:00
Business Idea Generation. 00:00:00
Feasibility Studies 00:00:00
Setting Up
Sourcing Capital. 00:00:00
Licences And Permits. 00:00:00
Selecting A Location. 00:00:00
Running The Business 00:00:00
Sustaining The Business.
Creating Business Awareness. 00:00:00
Business Profitability 00:00:00
Continuous Improvement. 00:00:00
Business Monitoring And Evaluation. 00:00:00
Business Expansion 00:00:00
Developing A Business System 00:00:00
Business Risk Mitigation 00:00:00
The Bad Days.
Handling Downturn 00:00:00
Divesting/Diversification 00:00:00
Winding Down. 00:00:00
Useful Business Tips. 00:00:00

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