Shopify Dropshipping MasterClass

Have you been struggling with your dropshipping business?Do you want to turn your dropshipping business around with the right information which is vital to success?

If so,then this course is for you…

Learn all you need to succeed in dropshipping,from store design to product marketing and branding.
This course will take you step by step,the entire journey so you do not have to waste another dollar trying to figure out everything on your own.

Cut the learning curve by avoiding costly dropshipping business mistakes especially with facebook ads and product marketing in general.

At the end of this course,you will be added to our mentorship program where we will walk you through the entire process and provide real time support for when you encounter any challenge after taking this course.


    Shopify Dropshipping Master Class

    This course will break down almost all you need to know to be successful in dropshipping and show you  how to build your own dropshipping Ecommerce Empire.

    This course is released in time for the 4th Quarter of the year which is the most profitable season for online shopping as we approach the black Friday and the holiday seasons.

    Learning Outcomes

    1.Mastery of  Dropshipping

    2.Store design considerations for high conversion rates.

    3.Product Research

    3.Mastery of Facebook Marketing and Instagram influencer Marketing

    4.How to start your own Branded product line

    5.Mentorship WhatsApp group to help you take practical steps in building your shopify Ecommerce Empire.

    Selling online is one of the top skills you should have in this century as the possibilities are endless. You can earn $10 to over $10, 000 per day with the right budget and if you know what you’re doing.

    With just the  Facebook marketing session in this course, you can branch out and start your own social media marketing business helping people sell anything online, the principles are the same.

    Don’t procrastinate further, this will be the best thing you’ve learnt in a long time especially if you already know the potentials of Ecommerce but have been finding it hard to get a hold of what to do.

    This course is suitable for beginners to advanced students who want to burst into the Ecommerce scene with guidance.

    Why you should take this course..

    1.Interactive Learning, ask instructors questions you don’t understand and get a response immediately.

    2.Beginnner friendly and well structured for easy understanding

    3.Affordable. For all the life – changing knowledge you will be getting, we will only be charging you a token.

    4.Save yourself the stress of trying to figure it all out yourself, cut the learning curve and save money from unnecessary mistakes especially with Facebook Adverts.

    5.Post course mentorship. This is probably the best reason to take this course, as you are assured of practical guidance when you start the actual process of building your Ecommerce Empire practically

    If you are set to begin, then let’s get started

    We are hosting this course on macaranta.com with voguepay.com as the secure 🔐 payment processor for the course fee payment.

    For international students you will be required to pay with your credit card which is securely handled by voguepay.com.

    The primary course fee payment is set in Nigerian Naira.

    Click on the the take this course now button at the top right of the course page to get started with the course. You will need to be registered and signed in on the platform macaranta.com in order to take the course. This profile is for tracking, so we can know those eligible to be in the mentorship program.

    Don’t forget to leave a review at the end of the course to help others decide on taking course too.

    Remember again that there is a  30 day money back guarantee no questions asked for this course if you’re not satisfied with the outcome.

    Click on the take this course now to begin

    Course Curriculum

    Inroduction To Droshipping
    About The Course FREE 00:00:00
    Introduction To Dropshipping FREE 00:00:00
    The Droshipping Business Model FREE 00:00:00
    Store Design: Optimizing For Sales/Conversions
    Setting Up Your Online Store 00:00:00
    Choosing What To Sell 00:00:00
    Sourcing Products The Right Way 00:00:00
    Making Your First Sale
    Product Marketing: Part A 00:00:00
    Product Marketing: Part 2 00:00:00
    Product Marketing: Facebook Marketing 00:00:00
    Business Expansion: Scaling/Branding
    Dropshipping Process Automation 00:00:00
    Product Branding 00:00:00
    Dropshipping Bonus Tips 00:00:00
    Bonus Strategy : Starting With No Money 00:00:00
    Introduction To The Mentorship Program 00:00:00

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