SamirFX Academy Forex Trading Course

Learn the fundamentals of forex trading with extended mentorship.

This course will show you how to trade in he forex market using pure price action as a guide.

The course is broken into 6 unique short videos which will introduce the concepts you need in trading forex.


Welcome to the SamirFx Academy forex trading course.

Here we will show you how to navigate the Forex Market, learning how to take logical trades with entry and exit reasons.

Trading to a lot of people is a scam but that depends on the information you have regarding it.

This program doesn’t promise to turn you to a millionaire over night because that’s not the objective of genuine trading, that is why this program focuses on showing you the thought process behind trading and trade Execution based purely on Price Action.

In trading, nothing is guaranteed and without the right training one can lose a significant amount of their money learning without guidance.

We have designed this course to take an absolute beginner to a slightly advanced trading level within a very short time.

You will then be advised to trade on demo and attain some level of consistency trading the demo account before opening a live account.

You will be given extra support in the WhatsApp group for as long as you require to stand on your own.

The SamirFx VIP will provide unlimited guidance to all our subscribers while showing them how to take trades without relying on signals.

Signal services is not the objective of both this course and SamirFx Trading Academy. We have designed that will help raise independent traders who can make trading decisions on their own.


Trading comes with a significant amount of risk especially if you are a beginner, so it is advisable you trade on demo for a while and only trade amounts or lot sizes that you are comfortable with.
We are not gurus or financial advisors but just showing you the way we trade the markets.

It is left for you to backtest and decide if the strategies used here will be profitable for you.

For feedback and further information please send us a message on WhatsApp 08151097447.

Course Curriculum

SamirFX Academy Forex Trading Course
Section 1(Absolute Beginners)
Beginners Guide to Forex Trading 00:00:00
Meta Trader 4 Quick Overview 00:00:00
Section 2 (Intermediate Trading)
Introduction to Price Action 00:00:00
Understanding Support and Resistance 00:00:00
Section 3(Advanced Trading)
Trade Execution In Forex (Thought process) 00:00:00
Risk Management and Trade Management 00:00:00
Conclusion 00:00:00
Section 4 (SamirFX VIP (NO SIGNALS) GROUP)
SamirFx VIP Offer 00:00:00

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