Ultimate Bead Design Course.

Course description:
The Bead making Industry is a multi-million naira industry if properly engaged in,with a bead making skill one can easily become self sufficient financially making some decent money from the bead making skill.
In this course you will learn a variety of bead designs ,making beautiful bead necklaces that is sure to sell for a good price.
Take this course now for a token of 500 naira promo price on macaranta.com,conventional bead classes will cost well over 30,000 naira per design learnt,so take advantage of this promotional offer.Remember that learning on macaranta.com is interactive and we will always provide support and answers to questions you have about bead making.
Learn now for personal empowerment!!!


    Course description:
    Here you will learn how to make a spiral 4 beads with two colour.When made its shape forms a spiral shape thats why it’s called a spiral bead

    Course Curriculum

    How to make spiral 4 bead design.
    Materials Required. 00:00:00
    Procedure(With Photos). 00:00:00
    Conclusion/Finished Product. 00:00:00
    How To Make Russian Spiral Bead
    Materials Required 00:00:00
    Procedure 00:00:00
    Finished Product 00:00:00
    How To Make Spiral Six Bead.
    Materials Required 00:00:00
    Procedure(With Photos) 00:00:00
    Finished Product 00:00:00
    Pharoah's Bead Design
    Materials Required 00:00:00
    Procedure 00:00:00
    Finished Product 00:00:00
    How To Make A Flower(Bead Design)
    Material Required 00:00:00
    Procedure (With Photos) 00:00:00
    Finished Flower Design 00:00:00

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