How To Sell Anything.

This course will show you how to sell anything both online and offline.As Business your number one priority is to sell your products or services,that is what this course will show you.
From big businesses to start ups,this course is suitable for all.



People always have needs and wants,a new car,a new house,a fine jewelry ,the list is endless.On the other end is the salesman(or woman),you want people to buy what it is you’re offering because you know the more sales you make,the more money you get.But have you considered the things involved in selling?

This course will show you how to sell anything in Nigeria and maybe you can apply the knowledge here selling stuffs outside Nigeria.Sit back and have a nice session.

Course Curriculum

How To Sell Anything;Part 1.
Introduction. 00:00:00
Understanding Why People Buy. 00:00:00
Targeting Customers. 00:00:00
Market Research. 00:00:00
Communicating Your Product. 00:00:00
How To Sell Anything;Part 2.
Know Your Competition. 00:00:00
Generating Leads. 00:00:00
Customer Feedback/Support. 00:00:00
Promotions And Rewards. 00:00:00
Conclusions. 00:00:00

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  1. Usefulol tips


    I recommend this article for would be entrepreneurs

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