Fundamentals Of Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies are the future money and they are here to stay.A lot of people have been made filthy rich trading Cryptos which are digital monies.
This course will explain the fundamentals of trading Cryptocurrencies safely and profitably.It will present you information that will make you an informed trader.
We shall also be sharing special strategies that will ensure you dont lose money trading Cryptocurrencies.We are sure you will enjoy this course and it will be worth your every kobo.
Remember that taking this course qualifies you to join our Whatsapp group where we mentor our members beyond this course in the crypto trading business.


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    Course Curriculum

    CryptoCurrency Trading Course
    Cryptocurrency Overview 00:00:00
    Introduction To CryptoCurrencies 00:00:00
    Getting Started*Setting up accounts 00:00:00
    Understanding The Alt coin Roadmap 00:00:00
    How to choose the right coin to invest in. 00:00:00
    Strategies For dealing with Alt Coins. 00:00:00
    Advanced Binance Strategies for locking in profits 00:00:00
    Taking out profits 00:00:00
    Trading or holding positions,what you need to know 00:00:00
    DYOR,Becoming a responsible investor 00:00:00
    Conclusion and miscellaneous tips. 00:00:00

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