E-Commerce Empire Blueprint

The Ecommerce industry is a 2.3 trillion dollars industry and is constantly churning out millionaires everyday.
This market,thanks to the internet is now open to anyone with the right information and resources to participate and earn from their own small scale ecommerce business.

From Drop-shipping to mini importation,this course will show you all you need to know in creating a successful e-commerce business within the shortest time possible.

This course is right for you if, you are looking to learn how to successfully run an Ecommerce business; Mini Importation and Dropshipping.
Wether you are a beginner or slightly advanced in the Ecommerce space, this course will show you the step by step approach to building your own Ecommerce Empire.


    The Complete Guide To Build your Ecommerce Empire

    (Plus bonus strategies for starting with no money).

    Course Description

    You’ve heard of Amazon and Ebay and how they’re raking in millions of dollars every month from their Ecommerce business, selling things to people online and making a killing from it.

    There are thousands of people into this Ecommerce business model which is currently a $2.3 Trillion industry churning out millionaires every day from every part of the globe. All you need is your internet, a laptop and a small start up fee you could be on your way to one of the fastest ways to becoming financially free.

    The growth of ecommerce is out of this world! In 2017, ecommerce was responsible for around $2.3 trillion in sales and is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021 (according to a Statista report). In the US alone, ecommerce represents almost 10% of retail sales and that number is expected to grow by nearly 15% each year!

    This course will break down almost all you need to know to be successful in Ecommerce and show you how to build your own Ecommerce Empire.

    You will learn the mini importation model and the drop-shipping model. You will also learn how to market your products profitably and create your first branded products and so much more.

    This course is released in time for the 4th Quarter of the year which is the most profitable season for online shopping as we approach the black Friday and the holiday seasons.

    Learning Outcomes

    1.Mastery of Mini Importation and Dropshipping

    2.Mastery of Shopify.

    3.Mastery of Facebook Marketing and Instagram influencer Marketing

    4.How to start your own Branded product

    5.Mentorship WhatsApp group to help you take practical steps in building your Ecommerce Empire.

    If you are not where you want to be financially, please this course is for you, as with Ecommerce you basically don’t need to do much and you will make money.

    Selling online is one of the top skills you should have in this century as the possibilities are endless. You can earn $10 to over $10000 per day with the right budget and if you know what you’re doing.

    With just the  Facebook marketing session in this course, you can branch out and start your own social media marketing business helping people sell anything online and charging a fee , the principles are the same.

    Don’t procrastinate further, this will be the best thing you’ve learnt in a long time especially if you already know the potentials of Ecommerce but have been finding it hard to get started due to lack of guidance.

    This course is suitable for beginners to advanced students who want to burst into the Ecommerce scene with guidance.

    Learning Approach

    The course takes the student ,step by step from the basics of Ecommerce to the advanced concepts like product branding. For concepts that cannot be fully explained in text, a link to a relevant Youtube video will be posted alongside that clearly show you how to carry out that action or idea. The learning process is interactive as you can at any point in the course message the course instructor and you will get a response as soon as possible.

    At the end of the course ,there is a whatsapp link to the mentorship program that will guide students when they begin taking practical steps to establishing their Ecommerce business.

    You will also receive a certificate of completion which will be after a short quiz that confirms you are satisfied with the course.

    Why you should take this course..

    1.Interactive Learning, ask instructors questions you don’t understand and get a response immediately.

    2. Beginner friendly and well structured for easy understanding.

    3.Affordable. For all the life – changing knowledge you will be getting, we will only be charging you a token.

    4.Save yourself the stress of trying to figure it all out yourself, cut the learning curve and save money from unnecessary mistakes especially with Facebook Adverts.

    5.Post course mentorship. This is probably the best reason to take this course, as you are assured of practical guidance when you start the actual process of building your Ecommerce Empire practically

    What is required

    Ecommerce is not a get rich quick process, here are a few things you will need to succeed in this Ecommerce business

    1.Have an internet enabled device to take this course and a course fee of $29. 99 (N10,796.4).This is the bare minimum we can charge as we will be covering advert cost to get this course out there to potential students.

    2.For those that will be running the drop shipping paid hosting and advertising model,you will need between $300 to $1000 to start. This will include setting up a shopify store and marketing plan for testing your products till you find a winner. Ideally a cash flow is preferred, as it will help you test products more confidently while building data for success.

    3.Be willing to research and learn little things.

    From time to time, you will run into challenges and will seek the help of the instructor, both during and after the course (mentorship program), we will be pointing you to resources online (YouTube videos) concerning that particular area you might be having a challenge On. You will not be spoon fed, so be willing to go through the resources sent to you, and if you still have further questions we will be more than happy to help, but you are required to do the initial work.


    This is very important. A lot of people who fail and quit the Ecommerce business are people who are looking for a fast way to get money. This is not the case with Ecommerce. Lower the get rich quick mindset and be willing to put in consistent work until you achieve success. This is one of the most important virtues going forward with this business model.

    If you are set to begin, then let’s get started.

    Taking This Course

    We are hosting this course on macaranta.com with voguepay.com as the payment processor for the course fee payment.

    You will need to be registered and signed in, in order to take the course. This profile is for tracking so we can know those eligible to be in the mentorship program.

    You then click on the Take Course button and proceed to the checkout page where you will make a course fee payment of $29.99 or N10,796.40 Only.

    Upon completion of the payment,you will then have access to the course.

    Don’t forget to leave a review at the end of the course to help others decide on taking course too.

    Remember again that there is a a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked for this course if you’re not satisfied with the outcome.

    For international students you will be required to pay with your credit card which is securely handled by voguepay.com.

    The primary course fee payment is set in Nigerian Naira.

    Click on the the take this course now button at the top right of the course page to get started with the course.

    Click on the take this course now button at the top right corner of the course page to begin.

    Course Curriculum

    Introduction To Ecommerce
    Overview: What Is Ecommerce? FREE 00:00:00
    Course Requirements FREE 00:00:00
    Why take this course? FREE 00:00:00
    The Ecommerce Models
    Dropshipping 00:00:00
    Mini Importation 00:00:00
    Sales Channels
    Introduction 00:00:00
    Free Method :Social media (Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp) 00:00:00
    Paid Method (WordPress VS Shopify) 00:00:00
    Introduction to the Woocommerce Platform 00:00:00
    Introduction to the Shopify platform 00:00:00
    Payment Processors 00:00:00
    The Verdict: Shopify Vs WordPress 00:00:00
    Store Design Considerations 00:00:00
    Choosing What To Sell
    Before you decide on what to sell. 00:00:00
    Types Of Online Stores 00:00:00
    Product Sourcing The Right Way
    How to Find Winning Products 00:00:00
    Profitable Product Marketing (Most Important Step)
    The key to marketing 00:00:00
    Things to do before marketing 00:00:00
    Getting your first sale 00:00:00
    Free Marketing Method 00:00:00
    Instagram Infuencer Marketing 00:00:00
    Google Adwords And Other Marketing Sources 00:00:00
    Facebook Marketing
    Before You Begin 00:00:00
    Key Facebook Parameters and Terminologies 00:00:00
    Finding the Right Audience for Your Products Using Facebook Audience Insights 00:00:00
    Facebook Ad Copy/Ad Creative 00:00:00
    Facebook Campaigns (Testing and Scaling Products) 00:00:00
    Facebook Retargetting (Custom Audiences) 00:00:00
    Automation In ECommerce
    Automation Of The Ecommerce Processes 00:00:00
    Product Branding (Private Labeling)
    How To Private Label Your Winning Products 00:00:00
    Bonus Tips FREE 00:00:00
    Bonus Strategy : How To Start an E-commerce Business With No Money.
    Starting An Ecommerce Business With No Money 00:00:00
    Conclusion : Time To Take Action
    Introduction To The Mentorship Program 00:00:00
    Certificate Of Participation Quiz 00:00:00

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