Course Creation Promotional Offer.

For an E-learning website , the most important thing is having great courses that students will look forward to , good enough that they are willing to pay for the knowledge to be gained from taking the course.

On we are aware that we don’t have enough courses on our platform that students will be able to take when they visit the website , this has been of serious concern to our team. We have been reaching out to several potential instructors to come create and sell courses on of which most have been indicating interest which hasn’t yet come to fruition.

So in considering other measures , we have we have decided to try out a promo offer for potential instructors .We will give 2000 naira (airtime/cash) to every instructor that successfully creates a good course on .

This doesn’t stop them from earning 70 percent commission on sales from their courses , however this can be seen as an immediate reward for their course creation efforts while they wait for their courses to start making good sales from their courses.

This is a small incentive that we believe will help instructors create courses faster on .

Remember that you can create a course on in this 4 quick steps. .

1.Sign up and activate your account

2.Apply for an instructor account

3.Once approved you can create your first course

That’s it. Don’t forget to visit our course overview link which shows how works.

Thanks….we hope to see both students and instructors Suceed in teach , learning and earning online in Nigeria and beyond.

August 12, 2017

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