Corporate Training

Corporate Training



COPO 2Corporate training can be achieved with the aid of private courses that can only be accessed via course codes.The codes acts as passwords for the courses.Employers  can contract a facilitator,who creates the training as a private course which is then accessible to employees via the issued course code.In this kind of courses,employees are not expected to pay anything to the instructor(facilitator) as it is assumed that the employer has already paid the facilitator.

download (20)The aim is to save cost,as facilitators don't need to travel to any physical location to hold training sessions.Also distance learning is a very effective and proven way to train people as they can access the course via any internet enabled device at their own comfort and pace with the same instructor support still available to them via message instructor buttons,course groups and forums. Participants can still be assessed with exams,quizzes as with other public courses.They can also be awarded certificates upon completion of the course  

coporate trainingCorporate training can be held on macaranta for 10 students free.But if course participants exceed 10 a payment of 1,000 for every next student after the 10th shall be made to macaranta.com.If the number of students is already predetermined then the payment shall be

(total number of students -10) *1000=Amount payable for private course.

Mode of payment shall be communicated via email to the course facilitator.

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