Catch The Vision.

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Catch The Vision.
Hello everyone, hope you’ve all been doing well.This post is to help you understand where we are and where we are headed as a team(student,instructors and administrators). Macaranta.com is an E-learning website for Nigeria, where people can gain useful knowledge that can transform their lives into self-reliance and growth in their fields while on the other hand we have the instructors, people who now have the opportunity to reach more people quickly and effectively with their knowledge which in turn translates to financial freedom as they earn money from course sales.
We need the support and patience of our first users in getting to traffic levels that will immediately translate to quick course sales.Good things take time to grow and achieve its fullest potentials.So as instructors don’t focus on immediate gratification for your courses(tho with intensive social media promotions, you can achieve high levels of sales almost immediately), instead focus on the bigger picture, see macaranta.com as a tool to help you reach out to your nation and help someone with your knowledge, of course you’d add a fee for your well prepared quality course.
Understand that we are here to build something we will all find useful in acquiring wealth and knowledge and be proud of as a Nation.We hope to build the number one community for learning in the Nation and the sub region with world class services.
So commit to the community, create your courses we will help advertise them but it doesn’t stop you from also promoting your own courses.If properly utilized and with quality courses we can achieve rapid education of our students and wealth for our instructors.
Teach someone a new skill in ICT, software development, programming, cake making, bead making, etc and watch the reward you with a token course fee for your efforts. Everyone goes home happy. The vision is to grow a useful community that will be the best in E-learning, where people will gain useful information that transforms their lives for the better while rewarding the the instructor with passive income fo their efforts.
It’s a mutual community for all of us interested in E-learning.
Welcome aboard… And hope you caught the vision. :good:  B-)

March 19, 2017

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