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Many times people find it difficult to create time to learn a particular course,perhaps due to their busy work schedules and other factors.However in between their busy schedules,they have pockets of free time not suitable enough for phyiscal classroom conventional learning.Would it not be great if this free pockets of time can be put to good use.

This is why macaranta.com provides a platform  to help people gain valuable knowledge from professional instructors from all over Nigeria and beyond,from the comfort of their homes,offices,etc and also at their own free time.With extensive online learning tools,like instructor messaging,assignments,quizzes,etc students are bound to have a great learning experience using macaranta.com.All you have to do is scroll through the course directory to select any course of your choice,take the course(if free) but if it's a paid course,you are directed to the payment portal(Vogue pay) where you enter your card details,pay for the course immediately your order is seen and approved,you then have access to the course,it's units,forums,groups,certificates etc upon completion.

Many times also,people with extensive knowlegde/expertise in a particular field might find it an uphill task to start offering conventional learning  services for their courses,thus making it almost impossible to make money with their knowledge.With macaranta.com professional Instructors all over Nigeria and beyond can start making money from course sales online,with a 70% commission per student subscriber(paid courses only),the good part is that it is absolutely free.

So if you are good at anything and can instruct online then you can start making money immediately on macaranta.com by monetizing your knowledge via paid courses.

With our mode of learning which involves realtime interaction  within students and instructors,in the area of course materials variety ranging from audios,videos,file attachments and written text.The idea is not just to read up a bunch of stuffs written down without a guide but learning with the mindset that where you experience difficulties in understanding concepts the instructors can always give further clarifications via course forums,groups,instructor messaging etc.The learning process becomes a whole lot easier  and faster.

Our website is extensively integrated with different social media platforms like facebook,twitter,instagram,linkedin.This means you can share courses to those platforms to create more awareness and also aid in course marketing.The website also has its own social media functionalities embeded in it.You can add friends,message friends,post activities etc

We understand the concerns associated with card security with regards to Fraud and card identity compromise,that is why we have completely outsourced all transactions involving payments to a third party secured payment portal known as voguepay.You can visit voguepay.com to learn more

Here you dont pay for hidden charges,you don't pay to create your courses.Students only pay for course fee as set by course instructors which we have no control over.In essence you pay and take courses you can afford.

As we cannot be everywhere at the same time,we expect all our users to be proactive in making the platform better by always using this slogan"if you see something,say something"this will include reporting policy violators,making suggestions on what you dont like,etc and we hope to serve you better with each passing day.




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