6 Reasons Why You Should Consider E-Learning.















E-Learning has been around for quite some time now but is recently emerging in the African sub regions.Due to various limitations like power and internet availability a lot of people haven’t really  fully utilized the potentials available in the new e-learning industry.Below we will be listing some reasons why you should embrace e-learning wether you are a student or a facilitator of courses.

  1. Ease Of Use:With advancements in learning technologies,it is now easier to create courses and market them online.Instructors can do this from the comfort of their homes and offices,creating the courses with all the relevant materials needed to make the course a success.It is also easy for the student to take courses in a very simple manner without having to worry about time constraints like meeting in a physical location.
  2. Save Money:We all know how expensive it is setting up a proper tutorial center,rent,computer assets,etc.It is just an uphill task doing all these for most people.E-Learning eliminates this barrier and helps facilitators save money that would have been otherwise used in payments for things like rent,power,etc.
  3. Make Money:Courses are sold right?on macaranta.com you are entitled to commissions form course sales which is on a per student subscriber basis.Just imagine the possibilities for a well prepared and properly marketed course can achieve for the course instructor.Above 100 students for a 1000 naira course will be generating over 70000 naira for the instructor. Indeed the opportunity here cannot be overemphasized.
  4. Eliminate the Distance Barrier:With E-learning,students need not come to a physical location to hold classes as they will receive lectures online via internet enabled devices. Distance usually hinders a lot of potential students form taking courses at a physical location.
  5. Save Time:Time is saved for both instructors and students.For instructors they only require a one time efforts in course creation after which their courses will sell forever. For students who mostly will consist of working class individuals whose time is scarce will find elearning a helpful way of combining work and study.
  6. Broaden Your Audience:Reach out to students anywhere with the knowledge you have and with proper marketing of courses you can start earning from courses sold on macaranta.com.

The list is endless,on your own explore further to know more about e-learning and don’t forget to ask questions where you need further clarifications.

August 9, 2016

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