21st Century Learning.

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In the past,learning was more rigid with regards to time ,location and distance constraints.People will have to travel long hours ,spend scarce time resources to go learn a skill for their needs.At times even when this resources are available,students find it almost impossible to locate instructors relevant for their learning needs,this has remained a challenge even up till date for conventional learning/training.

Today,with the growing demand for limited scarce resources like money and time it is important to make the learning process as efficient as possible.People even while working can still earn educational degrees with the help of distance learning where education becomes integrated with ICT. Basically learning involves either one or a combination of text,audio,visual(videos),files(pictures,assignments,etc) and a way of Assessing students to ascertain their level of understanding of what is being taught them.A certificate to acknowledge students participation in the process.

The 21st century integrates technology all this learning processes thus making the learning process much more efficient.People can now focus their time and energy  on other aspects of their lifes while learning at their own pace.At macaranta, we believe time and distance should not be a barrier to learning and training of students.We spend hours Everyday even while at work,on social media chatting and getting updates on events around the globe,being the bearer of trending news and celebrities.This in itself isn’t bad,but how about a better use of a fraction of such time monetizing knowledge and adding to what already know.We might not find time to go to conventional skills acquisition training centers but we can always have pockets of free that can be utilized effectively learning,teaching and earning  online macaranta.com.

Opportunities will always be there,but it is left for us as humans to identify and utilize them.In this 21st century,time is one of our most precious assets and we must utilize it optimally especially in the areas of personal development, career growth and financial facets of our lifes.

June 7, 2016

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